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LA Dispensary

LA Dispensary info

LA dispensary / LA Dispensaries: state licensed facilities where you can buy medical and recreational quality marijuana.

Our dispensary list contains the Top dispensaries in Los angeles. Past users of this website have been able to Get High Quality Cannabis, edibles and vapes delivered free after ordering a minimum amount from participating dispensaries listed on this site.

Use Our Dispensary listings to find quality cannabis in Los Angeles.

LA Dispensary - LA Dispensary list
LA Dispensary

Is an LA Dispensary Legal?

You can visit a Dispensary. They are legal and licensed places to get your meds from. In 2018 Los Angeles issued licenses for those interested in owning and or operating them.

Where Can You Find an LA Dispensary?

We have the best dispensaries listed within. These stores have flower, vapes, edibles, tinctures. These high quality meds have been used to help with insomnia, pain, swelling and more. These businesses have organic and other high quality weed.

How Using a LA dispensary listed helps you?

For a dispensary to be listed it must submit their cannabis products to state testing to determine thc content, mold, cbd, etc This helps you choose the meds you want. 

How many LA Dispensaries are listed?

We strive to only list licensed locations, so our list is not as large as other but, you can still find the Top 100 Dispensaries in LA.

What is a Pre ICO La Dispensary?

LA Dispensary - LA Dispensaries list
Pre ICO LA Dispensaries

Pre ICO LA Dispensaries are businesses that were open and operating before Los Angeles officially started issuing licenses to sell la weed.

Los Angeles Dispensary delivery time?

It can take approximately 30 minutes to 1 hour to have your products brought to you. It's best to check with the business you're interested in as some offer guaranteed delivery with an hour while others may take a lot longer to come to your office or residence.